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Anyone who has had to deal with asian carp in their waters is going to agree that this is the worst fish in America. This video takes a detailed look at the Asian Carp, its invasive tendencies, and the contest that is held every year to try to get rid of them! Called "Redneck Fishing Tournament," the tournament gathers some "rednecks" together to go out and try to catch the Asian carp. This tournament, though, is not enough to curb their growth. The Asian Carp is a real problem: they're spreading like crazy. They have almost made it to the Great Lakes, and this is a real problem right now. If they get there, they're going to make it into the water stream that makes it across the country. Why does it matter? Because Asian Carp out produce and out eat native fish in America, and if their spread goes unchecked, there is a chance they will one day be the only fish in America. Get informed. Find out what you can do to help curb the Asian Carp growth in your area. And remember, don't release non-native fish like the Asian Carp back if you catch them!
@JustinRussell I haven't had to personally deal with snakeheads, but I've heard nasty stories.
@JustinRussell You're lucky. Some of the waters I've visited have been full of them. This is an interesting documentary for sure. Thanks for sharing @yakwithalan
I seen a lady catch a snakehead over here. but no asians.