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Colemans for Isaac
@IsaacPaulR You need to carve into it, But not too much, In the photos you can kind of see where I'm kicking it out. The trick is to really kick that back foot and let the board do most of the work, and you're the support system. Your weight should be 75 on the front foot and 25 on the back downward. And 40 front 60 for pressure. Downward is your weight down, Pressure is your pushing outward. About halfway through you should be 50 50 downward and just let the board carry out. It's tricky but keep trying and you'll get it. Remember not to keep doing the wrong thing over and over again or you'll screw up being able to learn it. Good habits will make the slide happen. Watch LOTS of tutorials too. Imagine my slides flipped as well since I'm regular. Best of luck
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But if you're trying to stop halfway keep your weight even and straight down the hill with equal pressure and downward.
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Thanks @Agek !
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ill try it out when the weather clears
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can't wait till spring to start practicing again
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@DanielSpazJames i found it. If you havent already read this, its really usefull. Check the comments too!
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