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Did my best at an unboxing馃槀
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@RichardSchafer me too! I'm hoping i get some money for my birthday in 13ish days
3 years agoReply
@TylerGeorge it just depends. I may stop by the longboard loft and blow all my money before I go back to Tennessee. And how long the sale lasts.
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@RichardSchafer what you thinking on getting?
3 years agoReply
@TylerGeorge depends on what they have at the longboard loft and for how much. And than if I don't buy anything from them. I'll probably save up some more money before Christmas hopefully a sector 9 gauntlet. Or a Landyachtz 9two5 or a Landyachtz switchblade 40. Or maybe get an earthwing supermodel on their blemished sale.
3 years agoReply
@RichardSchafer oooooo.... a landyachtz 9two5 *drool*
3 years agoReply