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Hello fellow toddler parents! I love playing games. Board and card games are especially fun for playing with friends! I've had some of my favorite memories around a game table. Games are also a great way to spend time together having fun as a family that doesn't involve screens or mobile devices. Why not start young? I decided to start a new collection featuring some of the board games I've found to play with my toddler. Some are geared toward toddlers and young children - others are more adult-focused games that my little one and I have adapted to be fun in a different way than the makers intended! The first game I'm featuring is a childhood classic - Hungry Hungry Hippos! Out of the games we've bought for our son, this one has probably gotten the most use. Although it's a classic, I never had it as a kid so I was excited to get to play it, too. Hungry Hungry Hippos 2-4 players Milton Bradley / Hasbro Basically you each pick a hippo and open and shut its mouth using the lever. There are little red balls that you release into the center - then the craziness erupts! Everyone frantically opens the hippos' mouths to try to gobble up the apples as they roll around. Nom nom nom! There is also a special golden apple, but it hasn't come into play for us yet. Right now my son likes to hoard that one for himself, so he reaches in with his little hand to get it in his hippo's mouth. That brings up an important point - the littlest players tend to have the impulse to reach in where the hippos are munching, so don't go too crazy and watch out for little fingers! It's also a great way to practice counting small numbers. How many apples does each person have? One thing that is hard to keep track of is the little red balls. My son likes to load them into his train cars and construction trucks, so a couple have gone missing. But he's having a great time, so it's okay! I included a couple of HHH comics among the images just for fun: Myapokalips, found here: http://myapokalips.com/show/32 Brevity by Guy and Rodd, found here: http://ronisweigh.com/2008/03/hungry-hungry-hippo.html Share your Hungry Hungry Hippos memories in the comments, or suggest some fun games for tots! Follow my collection to get more suggestions on fun games for toddlers: http://www.vingle.net/collections/1594040-Games-for-Tots
Man that game brings back a lot of memories. Hippos was one of my faves
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