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One of my favorite trips EVER was my (too short) visit to Tokyo a few years ago. Sometime soon I'll post some pictures! I've been a fan of anime, cosplay, Harajuku fashion and other colorful aspects of Japanese culture for a long time. That's why I was so excited to see that Boing Boing is featuring a series of photographs taken in Japan by Kevin Kelly that focus on some of the country's most color-infused aspects. My favorite photos of Kelly's were the ones that sent me reminiscing about my visits to Harajuku and Akihabara, so the ones from his set that I've included here focus on fashion, cosplay and a cool place called the Robot Restaurant. I really want to go there now! Do any of you know about it? Follow the link for more colorful photographs!
Woooow I love how much color and energy the city seems to have.
The amount of work that they put in the cosplay is unbelievable to me, very cool. Thanks for sharing @sanityscout!
I'm so glad you enjoyed them! @stargaze, hope you get to go soon! @sherrysahar - he did a great job picking out some colorful scenes, didn't he? That might be what I love best about Harajuku fashion and cosplay
this is beautiful quite lovely :) thank you so much for sharing love the all pics
I'm not a cosplay fan, but I was an avid manga reader during middle school (DNAngel, Fruit Basket, Prince of Tennis...etc). Those manga made me fell in love with Japanese accessories and kimono! I wish I could visit Japan one day to experience their colorful culture and scenery.
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