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Magi (The Labyrinth of Magic) Fate Zero Anime lovers in vingle I am just sharing the animes I am watching currently What animes are you all watching Credit to the actual owner of these pics
I recently went on a binge and found really good ones! Log Horizon - good plot, though familiar. Similar to Sword Art Online, but sufficiently different. Tokyo Ghouk - my first trek into horror anime territory. So Good! Brutal though. Deadman Wonderland - also brutal, but intriguing. Mysterious and some laughs. Zankyou no Terror - one season anime, SOOOOOO GOOOOOD! Highly recommended! Seriously, this was anime gold! Watch. Beyond the Boundary - really good start and middle, though I fee the ending was rushed. Still highly entertaining! Everyone knows Attack on Titan, of course. Enjoy!
@MyNameIsSimeon thanks soooo much for recommending those animes my brothers just watched Tokyo ghoul and just told me abt it i am definitely going to watch it as well as I will surely check out the other ones you mentioned for sure and you should check out these 2 animes Magi and fate zero those two animes are great thriller and fantasy animes i liked it a lot i hope you enjoy these 2 too thanks once again and have a great day :-)
Whoops, that should be Tokyo Ghoul.
@MattK95 and @sanityscout thank you so much and @sanityscout I will make sure to give you some feedback and post a review definitely as soon as I am definitely done with these 2 animes. Both of you 2 enjoy and thanks.:)
Thanks for all the recommendations, @MyNameIsSimeon! lol looks like I'm going to have a lot of anime to talk to you guys about soon
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