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Among Wildflowers.....Something Unique...
Among wildflowers Sprouted an unexpected bloom Among the ordinaries Making it exceptionally Beautiful in its own uniqueness In every way possible The specks of red may I say Among all the blue and lavender Like a special someone In my garden My heart….. written by, Callie ♥
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so pretty, what's the name of these flowers?
5 years ago·Reply
I really don't know but aren't they beautiful...
5 years ago·Reply
yep they are :) is this your backyard?
5 years ago·Reply
nah, i was jogging and i came across these from someone else's backyard, lolz....so pretty i had to stop and take a pic....AND...this is not the first time i took pics from their yard b/c the owner recognized me and said to his wife, "ahh, she must like our flowers", lolz
5 years ago·Reply
aww, sweet story :)
5 years ago·Reply