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A lot of the holiday season centers on family, but who says the holidays can't be romantic, too? Here are 10 great holiday date ideas, with a bonus feature: they are not expensive! 1. Go on a stroll to see the holiday lights. This is so easy that it can be right outside your front door, or you can do a little research for a more magical outing and find great neighborhoods for light-watching. 2. Have a cozy holiday movie marathon. Cozy up under a blanket with some egg nog, hot cocoa or cider and watch away. Pick a mix of funny and heartwarming just to keep things interesting. 3. Go to a Christmas store and pick out an ornament together. You can always have it as a great memory that you pull out year after year! 4. Get together and make your couple holiday music mix (I almost said mix tape - does that age me? haha). Each of you chooses your favorites, then you choose how to string them together in a good flow. Photoshop a great cover for the CD with your picture on it. Get as cheesy or funny as you want! 5. Take that CD, make some spiced cider (it makes a delicious smell!) and listen to your Christmas mix while you decorate a tree together. This is especially effective if you've been together for a long time, since you can share memories from your ornaments over the years. If you haven't been together for long, see #3. 6. Go ice skating. It is both delightfully cliche and romantic, you get to hang on to each other and be silly, and - the part no one ever remembers - it can be great exercise! You don't have to live somewhere cold. Lots of warm-weather climate locations have indoor rinks. 7. Do some good together. Few things can bring you closer like doing good things for others. There are many soup kitchens and homeless shelters that need extra hands, or you can build something together with Habitat for Humanity. You can also choose a charity to donate to together. 8. Cook or bake something delicious together. This may not work if you're both a disaster in the kitchen, but even if you are - it can be a lot of fun to find a recipe or even a set of recipes for a whole meal, go shop for the ingredients together, then work together to make it. Then you have a double bonus date, because you can have a romantic meal or dessert together! 9. Go see a performance of The Nutcracker! Always a magical experience. And if only one of you will love it, don't worry. It's one time and you will reap the reward of delight on your sweetie pie's face. Alternatively, if ballet really isn't your thing, some people like to go to Manheim Steamroller Christmas shows. 10. If it's allowed in your region, go buy some fireworks, especially Sparklers, then go somewhere safe and set them off together. Alternatively, you can scope out music, light and firework shows in your area. I hope you get to go on some of these dates this holiday season! Let me know if you do! Or, if you have other good holiday date ideas, leave a comment!
I loveeee movie marathons this time of year! Especially broken up with ample amounts of baking :)
These are great! It may be the cheesiest time of the year, but the holidays just lend themselves to a magical evening. Why not take advantage of all the romantic lighting? Haha. I love Sparklers - and I hope I get to go to the Nutcracker this year!!