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Is Dominic Raiola the Dirtiest Player in the NFL?
Lions Center Dominic Raiola was fined $10k for striking an opponent last Sunday against the Pats. Raiola got a lot of attention for diving at the knees of the Pats defender when they were kneeling the ball, but he was penalized for another cheap shot. As many articles have shown Raiola took a lot of cheap shots that game and has gained notoriety for being dirty. What do you guys think. Is this guy just playing hard or is he being a punk?
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I have to start wondering what these Lions coaches are teaching. Didn't the same questions revolve around Suh as well? Is it just coincidence that they both play large roles on the Lions?
@Goyo Probably due to a coaching issue but now Shwartz is over in Buffalo so I guess the culture still remains
@irelis27 They definitely should... but you know the NFL. They are slow to crack down on this stuff if it doesnt relate to the QB