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Salutations! With the end of the year rolling around, I have been thinking about how I can improve my health, lifestyle, and general happiness in 2015 and I immediately thought of my diet. I love food, and it directly affects my mood. When I eat crappy, I feel crappy. So - I am strongly considering making the leap from a pescatarian diet to a fully vegan one. I lived vegan for a month back in high school (don't ask me how long ago that was!) but wasn't able to stick to it because of my family situation. Now that I have my own life and my own kitchen, I would like to try again. So I'd just like any advice you can offer someone transitioning - what was your biggest struggle? how did you get over cravings (i really love cheese...) and what vegan substitutions do I NEED to try?! Thank you so much :)
Become friends with nutritional yeast! Soak cashews and make your own "sour cream and cream cheese ". Otherwise daiya is a good sub for Mac and cheese, or follow your heart and teese cheese, and there are some fancy artisan cheese makers doing well! Like kite hill. It's trial and error, but stick with it! Your body (and other beings) will thank you for it. Cheers
I'm not vegan, but I live with a vegan and I think the most important thing I've learned from my girlfriend is that vegans are masters at prepping for anything! She always has snacks or a plan for when she can't find vegan food. Invest in a lunch box and you're on your way!
@pipeline @ChristyPayne Sorry for the late response! I can definitely understand the importance of meal prep or at least having a plan about what you can eat if all else fails :) I have been really meaning to try daiya. I see it mentioned all the time in recipes here and I know I need to find a good cheese substitute! I'm a little intimidated by making my own cheeses and creams from nuts but I am willing to learn! Thank you for your kind words everyone!