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Some of you may have wondered who I am, I'm Agek. Pronounced Aye-jek. That's always been my gamer name so I use it everywhere. My real name is Patrick, and I live in Boise Idaho, I'm 16 and longboarding a my only true passion. I've traveled the world and country testing products, pushing my limits and loving what I do. I'm extremely experienced all over and am glad to help you, feel free to ask questions about stuff. That's a little about me, who are you?
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well im Klaire...
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Damn I forgot who I am
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I'm Eugene I live in Phoenix Arizona and I only have about a year of experience under my belt. I'm currently learning how to slide. I'm very intelligent I just do stupid things. Not very many people like me. I guess I'm kind of a punk and well I love Longboarding
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Well I'm Daniel, I live in Chantilly Virginia, I haven't traveled too much. I have 4 solid years of longboarding experience but it's limited to cruising and so I'm only now learning how to freeride and down hill better. Also I've only had one board with the same set up the whole time I've been boarding.
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Nice to meet you man! Only thing is that you forgot to mention that you are a walking longboard Wikipedia lmao
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