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Some of you may have wondered who I am, I'm Agek. Pronounced Aye-jek. That's always been my gamer name so I use it everywhere. My real name is Patrick, and I live in Boise Idaho, I'm 16 and longboarding a my only true passion. I've traveled the world and country testing products, pushing my limits and loving what I do. I'm extremely experienced all over and am glad to help you, feel free to ask questions about stuff. That's a little about me, who are you?
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@ajek how long you been riding? Are you with a team
Nice to meet you dude!
Well @Agek , I was born in a town not too far from where I live now. Been searching for my life passion through music. Digging deep to find that I need some adrenaline in my life. That's when I got gloves, a helmet, and a longboard. I've quit and came back to it, and have found that nothing soothes my soul, and nothing makes me feel more free than Downhill skating. I've gotten gear as gifts, in trades and bought lots of my own gear. Crash all the time and try to learn something new everyday whether it's on a board, a fretboard, or in life. Nineteen years old, and still full of piss and vinegar:D SK8 OR DIE!
Nice to meet you man! Only thing is that you forgot to mention that you are a walking longboard Wikipedia lmao