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This hasn't been confirmed yet, so I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but thought you guys might be interested in seeing this. The link is for an article from AllKpop, so full credit to them for this article. It's crazy all the stuff that's been happening in Kpop this year, and kind of depressing. I would love to see YG or another really good entertainment company sign these guys, one that would actually take care of them. Other than that I just hope they are all going to be okay, would hate for this to be the end of their careers :( Once again credit to AllKpop for this article
:((((( I hope they pull a Block B and make an epic comeback after..
This is just another thorn in the K-Pop side this year isn't it? How much more can go wrong in 2014? Terrible year for J-Pop. I hope they win the case but the government might need to step in to help regulate these major promotions in light of the trouble between Jessic & SM and now this.
I hope they get signed to a better company!!