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Mark Yankus has built created a reputation over the last three decades for making imagery with an uncanny eye of the beauty inherent in the structures of New York City. Mark's work are both surrealistic and hyper-real by rebuilding New York through is own imagined vision. This work presents a subtle, surrealistic alteration of the architectural landscape found in New York City, where imagination and documentation meet. Some portraits are more detailed and others more abstract, but all serve to rebuild and honor the buildings while making a statement about altered perception, reality, and past preservation. This is what Marc says about the work "The Space Between" in his artist statement: "I’m drawn to the majestic details and materials of classical historical buildings, many of which are hidden from view, tucked behind new architecture. In these instances, a mere sliver of the old, of history, is there to be photographed, leaving me to recreate the rest of the building to make it whole again. In my mind’s eye, I’m rebuilding my own imagined vision of the city, in which historical buildings exist as living presences, adding to the fascination of New York. In these photographs of the city, there is a very precise, almost hyper-real quality. The exactitude of the lines and the enormity of detail imbue the photographs with the meticulousness of architectural renderings. However the works plays off of the rigidity with a soft, subdued palette and a texture in the images, which curiously seems to speak of history, memories, and the past. Walking though this city, seeing though my eyes, the building bricks, textures and shapes are like paintings. Some structures are odd, some magical, beautiful and inspiring."