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People are saying Gronk should win the MVP award. Since he has returned to full strength, the Pats have not lost and they are averaging 40 points per game which leads the NFL. Without Gronk, Tom Brady is merely human. Gronk is known for his exceptional catching ability but he is also an amazing blocker and diverts attention away from his teammates as you can see in the picture. Tom Wright is completely open at the top of the screen which is just ridiculous. Should Gronk win the MVP? He would be the first TE to do so.
@Goyo Well if you take a look at last season and this season Brady is almost just an "average" QB statistically but whenever Gronk is fully healthy the numbers explode
@EightyNine Yeah I get your point. Do you really believe that without Gronk Brady is merely human? I feel that there would be many who would strongly oppose that statement lol
@Goyo Definitely blown coverage but yeah it just shows how much defensive attention Gronk takes
How is that a game plan?? This is why the Panthers are the Panthers