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Ocean and Desert by Renate Aller

Renate Aller has recently published a new monograph, Ocean and Desert, published by Radius Books. The work follows “the relationship between Romanticism, memory and landscape in the context of our current socio-political awareness”. Renate revisited the sand dunes of New Mexico and northward through Colorado over a span of a few years and paired with oceanscapes from the Atlantic Ocean for this project as the minerals of the sand dunes carry the memory of the ocean that was there millions of years ago. Families interconnected on those grand and sweeping dunes engaging in beach activities far away from any large body of water. Simultaneous, multiple activities on these sloping hills, appear as if layers of different people and activities were choreographed, yet they are all parallel realities of various groupings.
@galinda I think that is part of the point!
I really love the fifth photo. You can't tell which is the dry desert and which is an ocean!
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