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The NFL and Thanksgiving
Another Thanksgiving, another day of NFL. NFL games on Thanksgiving has been a tradition since the early 1900's. It also extends beyond the gridiron as NFL teams and players make sure that the members of the community all have something to eat by passing out Thanksgiving meals. There are also some special awards on Thanksgiving day in case you didn't know. The Turkey Leg Award: As seen in the picture, it was traditionally given to the MVP of the game but now it can be given to multiple players and from both teams. The Galloping Gobbler: A silver award of a Turkey with a helmet, it is given to one player annually. All-Iron Award: The All-Iron award is a small silver iron, a reference to Phil Simms' All-Iron team for toughness. The All-Iron winner also receives a skillet of blackberry cobbler made by Simms' mother! NBC Madden Player of the Game: NBC's award for the MVP of the game. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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