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It's Open Source week in the Technology community this week. I have been looking into some open-source projects to share with all of you and found a great open source project that is helping patients with diabetes. Nightscout (CGM in the Cloud) is an open source, DIY project that allows real time access to a Dexcom G4 CGM from web browsers via smartphones, computers, tablets, and the Pebble smartwatch. The goal of the project is to allow remote monitoring of the T1D’s glucose level using existing monitoring devices. [1] What I find so inspiring about this open source project is that parents of children with Diabetes decided to do this project because they haven't found something that fit their needs HOW IT WORKS: Your Dexcom device reads your glucose levels and transmits them to a receiver. You connect a smartphone with the Nightscout software to the receiver so that you can download all the glucose readings and have them displayed online...which can be viewed on your mobile device, a browser, a Pebble smartwatch, or any web connected device. The set up costs around $100 to build and there are instructions on how to set it up on their website: I hope that many of you find this project beneficial, it is worth checking out. [1]
This sounds really cool! I love that health is getting really tech-friendly, especially when it involves something that you have to deal with every day, like glucose levels.
I love health-tech! This is a great project.