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"Explore what waits in The Dark Below. Expand your Destiny adventure with a wealth of new weapons, armor, and gear earned in new story quests and missions. Throw down in three new competitive multiplayer arenas. Form a Fireteam and take on new cooperative challenges, including a brand new six-player Raid." I'm really excited about the content they are adding! The new stories missions are a welcomed addition while the plethora of weapons and armor are exciting. I can't wait to try out the new raid and strike missions as well as the multiplayer maps!
I totally agree about PvE vs. PvP. I'm not nearly vicious enough to win against real cutthroat players, and I often end up upset lol. I do enjoy it, actually, but in moderation. But I love playing WITH other people the best.
I'm most excited about the raid. PvE is usually more fun for me than PvP, I don't leave the game feeling annoyed at other players. I get to play cooperatively with other players for a few hours during a raid and guaranteed get some awesome loot, it's the best!
I'm so excited about Destiny. I'm planning to start this holiday season - I've really been pulled in by all the previous and content reviews. This makes me get even more anxious to go buy it! I'm excited about the multiplayer maps, as well.