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Take a look at what's coming to Playstation Plus in the next few months. These are the quality of games that we have been waiting for!! Injustice Gods Among Us and inFamous First Light are big title games that will give many PS gamers have been wanting. Secret Ponchos and The Swapper are really highly rated indie games, but the two additional games are a nice upgrade from the average indie side-scrollers that we have had for the past year.
First Light has had great reviews, I'm glad I held off in purchasing it. I played inFamous Second Son and First Light is a stand alone DLC for the game. Secret Ponchos and The Swapper have both received a lot of press coverage, the seem to be making some wake in the indie game world!
I'm getting really interested in Secret Ponchos now.. I had not heard of it. First light and The Swapper look quite cool visually. Probably First Light is what I'm most excited to see, though.