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Wiggins and Parker Face-Off for the 1st Time
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Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins, the two top picks in the 2014 NBA Draft, faced one another for the first time. Who do you think is having the better season so far? Both teams stink so they're letting their guys play. ESPN wrote an article recently and while they said Wiggins is more talented, Parker is the better player right now who must be accounted for in the scouting report. Who's better?
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It seems like Parker is the better overall player right now bc of his motor. It reminds me of the Okafor and Howard argument. Howard was the more naturally talented, but Okafor seemed to have the more ardent motor. That argument, though, taught me that hard work can often be trumped by talent, as long as that talent is not lazy. And I dont think that Wiggins is lazy
Should be a great matchup for years to come although they play different positions
@Goyo I'm leaning towards Wiggins just because he has the athleticism and I think he has the drive to actually reach his ceiling
Parker seems to have the drive. It will be interesting to see whether Wiggins will have that killer mentatlity a star in the league needs