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Turkey Cranberry & Sage Quesadilla
This recipe makes 2 servings. Ingredients: 4 whole wheat wraps 2 cups turkey breast ½ cup cranberry sauce 2 cup shredded cheese (I used cheddar, asiago, and pepperjack!) ¼ cup fresh sage, chopped Instructions: 1. Spray a large skillet with olive oil and heat over medium heat 2. Place the first wrap in the bottom of the skillet and top with ¼ cup cheese, ½ cup turkey, ¼ cup cranberry sauce, ⅛ cup sage, another ¼ cup cheese, and the second wrap. Grill for about 5 minutes on each side, or until melty and delicious. 3. Take off of heat and cut into fourths to serve. Repeat with other ingredients to make second quesadilla.
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This is seriously inventive. I'd make it!
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@danidee it's really interesting to make! I actually made a similar version panini with the suggested ingredients and it turned out delicious. If I has tortilla at that time I would prefer the lighter layer!
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Your cards for leftovers are seriously cracking me up. They're so unique.
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Thanks @danidee :)
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