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the video along is one of indian movies' famous(steamy!!) kiss.. to watch the full movie follow the link the movie stars Hrithik Roshan,Aishwarya Rai,Abhishek Bachhan,Bipasha Basu and Uday Chopra.. story of a thief who is being a pain in the neck for the police..and the chase!! there's a prequel to it too.. well wouldn't make a difference if you watch either first..and it's different cases..just same police starring Abhishek, Uday, Isha Deol and John if you like one go for the other.... plus point.. hot guys on bikes!!
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@neaa...oh please send me...i had to rewatch Jodhaa Akbar just to see him working out with the sword again...its not fair he is too perfect
i'll make a hritik card just for you.. give me..say 15 min
I LOVE YOU!!!!! love hrithik!!