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I gotta go on a 45 minute drive to my stepdads families house for thanksgiving, and I'm thinking I won't be able to skate at all. I'm gonna bring my Bhangra just in case, I may film some stuff but don't expect much. Anyway, what are all your plans for thanksgiving?
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Well I just got out of work and have to be back tonight, sooo hopefully if the weather doesn't suck I'll be able to skate for a few if I dont sleep to long. Ps I hate Turkey.
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Turkey makes me so tired dude, but I also love pigging out on all kinda of food so its kinda a win win because I hate my stepdads nephews. I hate all little kids actually, they're so annoying. Whatever I'll just try to skate hahaha.
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Im cool with kids as long as they're not bratty, but my family is pretty... well we will say special so any holidays I try n work to get out of seeing them xD its a win win in my book.
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gonna go visit some family that I haven't seen in about a year or two. I would bring my board, but its too wet haha
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I gotta go to my family's house downtown but my best friend is coming with me so I think we are gonna bring our boards just in case we can get some riding in. If not then we are gonna be stuffing ourselves
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