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when i first joined was my medium to get instant recaps..but soon i talked to to know them..and i actually made friends..and it started with "you too?? me same" Nylamrehs, Relinashinee, Cheerfulcallie, Soula81, Samra, Iqra, Reyam, bix2anca and so many other people.. sorry if i missed any.. i'm fighting my sleep right now.. but everybody..thankyou..and i'm so glad i'm here!!
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@neaa oh thanks i don‘t know what to say ,,but ,,let us be BFF cause i really fell good talking with you neaa and thanks ..kkk
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@reyam same here dear.. we're already friends!!
5 years ago·Reply
'@neaa yep i know this kk
5 years ago·Reply
aww this is so cute :) I do agree, I think I made some friendships here on vingle too by now :D
4 years ago·Reply
@PiuPiuPENGUIN this card is like a year old... wow found're one of the best people i've met here!!!
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