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Flossing for Sockeye
@justinrussell This is how we fish for reds here. it works for any salmon species. I'm pretty sure he's using an 8 wt. but you can manage with a 6 wt. and it's way more fun that way.
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this is awesome. ive never used a fly rod before though
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You can use a spin rod too.
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oh yeah I know that. I was just saying. I like the technique. good solid hooks.
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I find that it is easier, the sensitivity is much better, and your shoulder definitely appreciates it later.
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@KawikaAfelin thanks for sharing this. I've been thinking more and more about trying to fish for some new species or at least spend more time on them next year (this was a bassyear). and I actually think i want to learn more about fishing on the fly too
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