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I really love when prank it forward videos are two fold rewards. First, these awesome kids who care about both their grades and video games get to enjoy a rid on a really awesome bus. As if that wasn't cool enough, they also get a gift to remember the experience! It's great when the video isn't made just to make a cool video and give someone one good day, but to make a bigger, lasting impact on their life. Who can you help today? Take a minute to not only make someone's day a little bit better, but make a lasting change in their life!
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This is so awesome, I love what the club advisor said about using video games as a way to get kids into school when they aren't really interested in other extra curricular activities. What a cool prank :)
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This is so fun! I would have loved it if my clubs in school had a cool prank like this. I loved all the clubs I did anyways. These kids deserve this!!!
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