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For those all ready for winter, you're welcome! Snowboard Seb Toots shows off some skills from his arsenal. For him, this ain't no thang but a chicken wang.
CANNOT wait to ski again this winter. Skiing makes the spring, summer and fall seem way too long.
No way! Where do you ski over there Sabeen?
I ski at Jay peak and Mount Snow in Vermont!! But I went to Breckenridge in Colorado one winter and since then I've realized nothing beats west coast skiing... What about you? Do you skit or snowboard?
True, the snow in the East is a lot icier, whereas it's powdery in the West. But yea, I actually do both but prefer snowboarding here in Lake Tahoe. I added an original video in my "Me'" collection if you wanted to take a look. So have you ever tried boarding?