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For those all ready for winter, you're welcome! Snowboard Seb Toots shows off some skills from his arsenal. For him, this ain't no thang but a chicken wang.
CANNOT wait to ski again this winter. Skiing makes the spring, summer and fall seem way too long.
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No way! Where do you ski over there Sabeen?
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I ski at Jay peak and Mount Snow in Vermont!! But I went to Breckenridge in Colorado one winter and since then I've realized nothing beats west coast skiing... What about you? Do you skit or snowboard?
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True, the snow in the East is a lot icier, whereas it's powdery in the West. But yea, I actually do both but prefer snowboarding here in Lake Tahoe. I added an original video in my "Me'" collection if you wanted to take a look. So have you ever tried boarding?
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