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Have you ever wondered why the word "understand", literally means, standing under something? Maybe the reason is that when we understand something, it is like we take refuge in its shade. Let me explain what I mean by that. Understanding is actually about making things simpler by eliminating irrelevant possibilities. So in a way, understanding casts a shade that enables us to open our eyes ( our pupils, pun intended ) and focus on the essential. But opening our pupils takes time, and unless we take this time we cannot understand. This is why many times we don't understand, simply because we don't dare to wait in what we perceive as darkness. Some times we just run away beck to our comfortably numb state, and at other times we just close our eyes as if we have no choice but to accept the darkness. The other side of the same principle is that if we really want to be understood by others, we should allow them to take the time to get used to our teachings. To be mild and graduate, and not to cast a too big shadow, all at once