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I've been thinking..... I have been on Vingle for a little over a month now and I haven't properly introduced myself. My name is Tyler. But, everyone calls me Sonic or Alpha. I live in Vermont and I'll be 24 years young in 17 days! I'm an adrenaline junkie to the core. I've been doing Parkour for 4 years, skating 3 years and long boarding about 8 months. I'm just learning my slides and downhill on my board. I wanna get into board dancing when the snow thaws. I have a mohawk and not many friends But, my few friends are close enough to be family. If you wanna know anything else or have any questions for help just send me a message, I don't bite hard ;)
so you're a ninja
you got the outfit dowwnnnn dude
Hardcore parkour!!! Badass. I used I dabble in parkour a long time ago with a few friends. We don't do it anymore, there were four of us, but three of us now longboard.
This feels like a dating website for longboarders lmao!
Hey ^^
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