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I never introduced myself when I joined this community. I'm Richard the one taking the picture, the guy in the back is my goofball best friend Zak. I'm 20. I have been longboardong since May, played saxophone for like 9 or 10 years, I do drill (military rifle spinning) for 6 years and I'm a brigade champion. I am a military brat I have done JROTC and three years of ROTC and I have served in the national guard while in college. And I am obsessed/in love with Jennifer Lawrence. And no I don't have a girlfriend but I do tell people Jennifer Lawrence is my wife.
Jennifer Lawrence is my only celebrity crush ever and she is one of the best actresses out there right now.
noiicee to meet you!!!(:
And Respect for your military service. -salutes-
Thanks. Everyone should do introductions if they haven't. And @DanielSpazJames yes. She is my only celeb crush. I have a bro crush on Neil Patrick Harris. But yeah she is a great actress and has a great personality. And thanks.
respect bro. nice to meet you
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