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I never introduced myself when I joined this community. I'm Richard the one taking the picture, the guy in the back is my goofball best friend Zak. I'm 20. I have been longboardong since May, played saxophone for like 9 or 10 years, I do drill (military rifle spinning) for 6 years and I'm a brigade champion. I am a military brat I have done JROTC and three years of ROTC and I have served in the national guard while in college. And I am obsessed/in love with Jennifer Lawrence. And no I don't have a girlfriend but I do tell people Jennifer Lawrence is my wife.
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@richardschafer dude I played baritone saxophone for 7 years!
@JuliaKemmer nice I play alto and tenor
@Shulace lol. teni, it's like Jedi but for tenor sax players
Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress! Thanks for your service(: glad you're here!