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Everybodys favorite at my Thanksgiving dinner. Each person ate at least 5 pcs ... I had to fry more:) Secret ingredient? Maggie seasoning sauce kinda like soy sauce but you only use very little. I used ground chicken and lean ground pork, bean sprouts, pkg of coleslaw mix , chopped green onions, and chopped cooked shrimps. Mixed it real good and wrapped in lumpia wrapper, Pamana brand (can be bought at Seafood City) and deep fried .... delish with or without eggroll sweet n sour chili sauce.
Oh, I still remember the last lumpia on the platter at my friend's house many Thanksgivings ago...Let's just say it was an epic battle to see who got to eat it. (I think there were about 50 lumpia and only 6 of us, so it was really pathetic.)
It looks awwwwwsome! I wish I had some eggrolls at my Thanksgiving dinner as well :(
I haven't had egg rolls in a long time.
Lumpia!! These look great (and thanks for sharing your secret ingredient haha)
Yummm I love lumpia!