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favorite band + longboards = amazing
what are some of your favorite bands to listen too while riding, my number one would be Red hot chili peppers as you can tell! what I would give for one of those custom made boards for them.
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my 2 favorite bands to listen to while riding are Nirvana and Genesis (also adding on Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel for their solo work)
They need to give one to John Frusciante because he was their best guitar player.
all i got to say is "sleepwalker" by the moon duo is a great song to shred to. I highly recommend it.
Depends what kinda riding Im doing as far as music. Trick stuff I go hip hop, G-Easy, Cudi, Kyle, J Cole. Dh slides I do punk an grunge mxpx, [old] Green Day, Smashing Ps, Bush. Then Bombing is stuff like 3EB, Goo Goo Dolls, Collective Soul.