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"I am a Witch With rhythmes and reasons. I am challenging like the seasons. My mother is the Moon, My father is the Sun; With Goddess Earth am I as one. I am a Witch, a Pagan child. Mother Nature's spirit so wild Grows within me, Flows within me, Meaneding like a spellbound stream, Enchanting my every walking dream. I breathe the air of liberation, I tend the fire of transformation, I drink the water of creation, Earth-magick is my conjuration. I am a Witch of shadow and light. Of Avalon mists and ravens' flight. I am a Witch, with pride say I, For Witche's souls, Does Never Die." -Gerina Dunwich
I love this. Magick is in the mundane. This piece splendidly captures what paganism and white magic traditions are all about.
@EdwardIreland Great point.
Mother nature is a spirit pulsing through us at all times; very cool idea.
Thank you for sharing this poem @MetalChickSN! Dunwich is a master of paranormal poetry, if I'm not mistaken. This work was no less magical for me; I really love the transformation from person to witch that you can feel in this poem.