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I'm joining the intro bandwagon (lol). I don't wanna give away my age but feel free to guess, lol! I'm from Jersey (yea, fist pump)! I enjoy playing music (piano, ukulele, guitar, stand up bass), fantasy football, and staying active, whether that's playing a sport (surfing, cycling/trail riding--Team Cannondale!, snorkeling, swimming, ultimate frisbee, basketball) or just going to the gym. I have an affinity for water sports and the beach. The reason I started longboarding was because I needed a substitute for surfing during winter, and I got lucky when a friend brought one; and I got to try it. Now I'm addicted! Anyway, I've scuba dived, parasailed, hang glided in New York, island hopped in the South China Sea, kayaked, and stand up paddleboard. I also like to travel as much as possible, especially since I'm not working at the moment. I went to college at Rutgers University, and was able to afford my hobbies for a while through a corporate job. Now I'm just chillin' and unemployed, but hopefully, will have work soon! Thanks for reading! P.S. My 9th photo is with Cheyne Magnusson and Jamie O'Brien (one of the best surfers out there)! My Instagram is surfcycle if you wanna check out my other photos. It's public, so you don't have to add me! Lol.
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I got into longboarding because I needed something to keep me busy during the summer when there are no waves in South Florida! We are like opposites, haha. Nice to meet you!
@RichardSchafer I gotta stop tanning so often, and maybe I'll stay 20 forever! xD @Yaco it's a Duster's California Kraken board!@DanielSpazJames I think I'll wake up and age overnight someday! @mikerosa92 you guys have much better weather in Florida though! Once my 3/2mm wetsuit is useless I don't bother going in the water anymore :/ we pretty much take what we can get when it's warm.
sup cutie!
☝ this guy