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well my names klaire ya know that. and im 15 almost 16 in December!(: I live in Southern Missouri and its bleh. ive been longboarding for a while idk how long but for a while! i think a year or too. yea. I joined here around 2 months ago not very long! but i absolutely love everyone here! everyone is so supportive and nice! What i do in my free time beside longboard is babysit lol weird. and im super short! haha. Oh and yea thats bout it! you guys rock.
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i was gonna say diet coke too! :D
@KLAIRELAURIE @pangzoo10 Okay ladies I will get that to you guys as soon as possible
You're really pretty @KLAIRELAURIE
@EugeneAlcantar playa playa
@KTM2014 shush