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I need to be successful because I love expensive shit
haha oh well I'm doin' the intro too. ohw sheeez I'm not good at this one.. Hi everyone I'm Alain Casimiro Castor from the Philippines,21 and oh well my picture tells what Iam :) another thing is I love sleeping eating anime and sci-fi movies during my free time I draw,doodle and sketch sometimes I write Poems and stories hehe and I've been here on Vingle since day1 of November :) nice to meet y'all you guys are the best!
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Nice to know a little more about another Steezgeek. Now we just need @filirican to do one and we will know more about the last steezgeek
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after all the commotion is over here with the festivities I will xD @EugeneAlcantar
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@filirican Haha you better <3
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@filirican do it afterwards bro hahahaa
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