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So my name is Maymay! New to the longboarding period of my life..i look like im 16 but im actually 22 a batman fan, love green, love to sing and dance...i dont know what else to tell ask me questions and get to know me and i shall answer them haha..and i get to ask questions too! :P
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@EmilySalzsieder where are u frm?
The flattest state ever. aka Wisconsin! haha :/ you?
@EmilySalzsieder hahaha! at least u can cruise haha and im frm georgia..the state with no boarders at all..i havent met one person frm ga yet..
Awww nooo! That must suck. I'm sure you could find some (not creepy) people on here and board around! Haha(:
@EmilySalzsieder haha i hope so haha!