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So my name is Maymay! New to the longboarding period of my life..i look like im 16 but im actually 22 a batman fan, love green, love to sing and dance...i dont know what else to tell ask me questions and get to know me and i shall answer them haha..and i get to ask questions too! :P
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@EmilySalzsieder where are u frm?
3 years ago·Reply
The flattest state ever. aka Wisconsin! haha :/ you?
3 years ago·Reply
@EmilySalzsieder hahaha! at least u can cruise haha and im frm georgia..the state with no boarders at all..i havent met one person frm ga yet..
3 years ago·Reply
Awww nooo! That must suck. I'm sure you could find some (not creepy) people on here and board around! Haha(:
3 years ago·Reply
@EmilySalzsieder haha i hope so haha!
3 years ago·Reply