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In the spirit of the holiday, go take a nice long ride! If you can at least, as the weather permitted me one more night haha. Im thankful for all you guys for making this community so great :) All of you are awesome! And a little message to @Mikerosa92: Just wanted to thank you again for the awesome Tessy, I really can't thank you enough for it! I've been tweaking with it everyday trying to dial in the best settings. The wheels, goddamn they don't go down withought a fight. You'd think that after hours, days, and weeks of skating they'd show some serious wear. They show as much wear as the 3rd time i used my blood oranges xD. So seriously man, im really greatful it!
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@BenKaplan yeah Haha that's what I was planning on doing
3 years ago·Reply
I want the double kick model so bad. I'm riding the cantellated single kick right now.
3 years ago·Reply
that ones still nice @TrevenKeeling ! all tessys are great
3 years ago·Reply
Very true @benkaplan I love it quite fondly. I could just do so much more with that second kick.
3 years ago·Reply
i agree with @TrevenKeeling i also want the double really bad!!
3 years ago·Reply