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my introduction I'm Andrew Vollmar of Florida I'm 15 16 in January Ive been longboarding for about a year and I'm a bit of a nerd I won't deny video games are my thang and i'm the skinniest longboarder you will ever see at 5'9 103 pounds and my nickname is twigman and I love everyone in the community may it stay forever
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Nice to meet you guys
3 years ago·Reply
@DanielSpazJames I guess that works lol. Nice to meet you Andrew, I hope you skated in the costume
3 years ago·Reply
Nice to meet ya bro! And sweet diamond sword you got there haha
3 years ago·Reply
Nice to meet you. Minecraft! Black ops 2!
3 years ago·Reply
Nice to meet you man. And video games kick ass.
3 years ago·Reply