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My introduction!

Hey guys so I decided to follow in many of your footsteps and post my own introduction, so here it is: My name is Ben Kaplan (Shocker haha :D). I am one of your moderators! Im 15, nearly 16 years old. I've been skating for 3-4 years. I started of skateboarding, which was fun and all, but about 2 years ago, i fell in love with longboarding after I tried my friends sector 9 Pintail. My sister bought me my first board, an atom dropdeck, for my 14th birthday. Ever since then i've been addicted. I currently own 3 boards, excluding my old skateboard. As a side hobby, I 3d design on my computer, as you guys have seen with that longboard design i posted about a while ago (fingers crossed ill get it made!) I live in Hewlett, New York (aka misserable longboarding flatland -_-) The 3rd picture (hopefully posted ib the right order) is my wounderful baby :3 . Yes shes a skater just to lazy to join the community, but ill convince here eventually ;) Anyway in conclusion, this community is my paradise, so I'd like to extend my thanks to all of you here!
Howdy ben. I never understood how that little strip of a peninsula was attached to New York. You guys should be in Jersey or something
hahah @AlainCasimiro no one has ever told me that xD
@BenKaplan nice to meet yah Tom Cruise lookin' guy (oh during his teen years) haha
Oh and you got lucky with your lady. Don't let her go
Nice to meet you man. I'm loving all these introductions
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