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My name in Ren. I'm age 17 I have 13 piercings (septum, both nostrils, industrial, helix [cartilage], gauges [size 2], my belly and 2 earrings on each ear with my gauges) im a gym freak. I love longboarding, surfing, weightlifting, dancing, anything exercising really. I've been longboarding for 3-4 years now but I've been skateboarding since 2-3 grade. I'm a senior in high school. My favorite music is metal...I'm a HUGE metal head, anything metal no matter what type. But I love all music as well including country (I respect all). I live in Florida near daytona beach. (It sucks during vacation time! So many tourists) I hope to become friends with a a lot of you guys on here, ya'll are awesome!
i have that sws shirts hahaha
I hope to go to a 00 for my gauges @DanielSpazJames
Yeah they would refer me to the movie Carrie.
Ima what!? @CarlosPena
Sweet! Plan to get tats?
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