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Id like to say i'm most thankful for longboarding i've recently experienced a tragic death in my family and my life just seems to be falling apart and the only thing that makes me feel is the feeling i get when im riding its a high like no other i have no stress when im on my board its my secret place when the world seems the darkest it always shines a light even if its only for a few minutes
Dude, I know how that feels personally, and I want to say you're not alone, and I'm really glad you found something to cope with it, especially since its longboarding. We're all here for you man @JoeyMotionless
Sorry for your loss but it's good that you have this release. And if you really needed to talk to anyone I'm sure you could reach out to almost anyone in our community.
I'm sorry for the death in your family. But I know how you feel a death was what made me start riding. Things get better man. Just keep on keepin on
sorry for your loss. you have my prayers