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Hey, I'm Mike
What's up everyone, I decided to jump on the introduction train since everyone was doing it. I started longboarding back in 2005 and my friends are the reason I began longboarding. Even though I don't live near most of them anymore we still meet up for some shred time. Growing up surfing and skimboarding in South Florida meant that we would have waves for a few months in the winter and we would have to figure out what else to do for those boring months so we picked up longboarding. As far as what I like to do, pretty much anything with a board. I also like art and graphic design. My music tastes are all over the place: bluegrass, indie, edm, garage, it's all over the place really. Now I feel like this has gone on for too long so yeah, thanks for making this place great everyone!
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omg that teletuby suit bahahahaha!!
3 years ago·Reply
lmao at the teletubby suit. kickass pics!
3 years ago·Reply
@mikerosa92 hi old guy who is 22 like me haha!
3 years ago·Reply
Nice to get to know the guy behind all of this! I lost it on the second picture omg xD you've created an amazing community!
3 years ago·Reply
What up Mike! Beautiful thing you got going on here. I want to surf so bad! I am also a musician and like all of the genres you do too. EDM for life!
3 years ago·Reply