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Jumping on the bandwagon (intro)
Well, to go along with everyone else, here's my introduction. My name is Micah (mike-ah) and I'm 18. I play guitar, Longboard, and am leaving to to to boot camp for the Marine Corps January 12th. (And I'm Bens twin. I know he clarified that already haha) There's not really much else to me xD
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@MicahKnopp my fingers are hurting still but starting to get used to the pain and nasty calluses haha
3 years ago·Reply
Oh, yeah, those suck. I've had my fingers bleed before because of how much I practice XD @pangzoo10
3 years ago·Reply
@MicahKnopp Dude that's awesome. I hope you do good in boot camp man. But nice to meet you
3 years ago·Reply
Thanks dude, and nice to meet you too :)
3 years ago·Reply