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I'm Treven. I'm a crusty ex punk. So basically just a filthy hateful dude now. I play guitar in a couple local metal bands and am also an aspiring vocalist. Been seriously longboarding for about 4 months now. Used to bomb some hills back in high school. Nothing serious. Aside from that I drink with my friends a lot. Play Videogames, mess with computers and work. Currently riding a loaded cantellated tessarect but I want to find the regular double kick model. My riding style is 70% free riding, 20% downhill and 10% cruise. Trying to get some time and decent conditions so I can make a sponsor me video but working 50 hours a week isn't the best circumstances to do so. Thanks for keeping this amazing community alive. Let's keep it going.
That shirt is fucking awesome bro
Nice, I just picked up GTAV and Far Cry but I literally have no time to play it
Mostly immersive fps and RPGs. And a few others. But mainly that. And yes. Glad to be a part of this amazing community.
Nice to meet you bro glad you're here to help keep it alive
Thanks dude nice to meet you too @benkaplan
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