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Hey vingle Familia! :D My name is Ruben aka: filirican aka: that dude who leaves somewhat humorous comments on 90% of the cards in the community xD I'm 18 years old. I live in Florida but I'm from San Diego, California. Longboarding is actually one of my oldest hobbies besides piano but I've picked up Guitar and ukulele greatly over the years as well :) my newest hobby is cutting my own hair Lmao. But Longboarding will forever shine brighter than my other interests! I didn't have a skateboard like all the other kids so eventually one of my dad's construction customers gave me a longboard for free when I was 9 or 10. While all the other kids we're doing tricks and such on skateboards, I taught my self how to ride, carve, and eventually enhance my skills even thought I had no idea what Longboarding even was. Heck I thought that longboard I received was a skateboard meant for a giant! I'm glad I made the choice to take on the sport and never give up because I still appreciate it's gifts 8 years later :D My username is "filirican" because my mom is Filipino and my dad is Puerto Rican thus me a Filirican xD I'm very family oriented, and I can honestly say I hold all of you to pretty much the same regard! If there's something I didn't cover, feel free to ask! :D lol
@filirican so the steezy geek did it :)
hahaha i was waiting for urs!! well nice to meet you for like the 100th time! glad ur here in this community!(:
Haha finally! Glad you are here filirican
Finally! Haha it's great to know more about you man. Now I feel like all the steezgeeks are closer. Honestly I always wondered what your name stood for or even how to pronounce it. I always thought it was like Frilican like Fril-e-can I've been pronouncing it like that for the longest time haha
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