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heyy im Yancy! YESS THAT IS MY REAL NAME! im 22 and just had a baby boy! i do tattoos and piercings and have been both skating and Longboarding since i was 8!!! i love metal/harcore music I can sing/scream! i drink alot and just like having a good time! also im a avid anime lover and i love too cook!!!!!!! if yall have any questions hmu! :)
well the anime ones do mean something to me but i know what you mean @RichardSchafer @streak9381 @Ghostoftheswift @caricakes thank you so much he really is the reason i get up every day so im beyond happy!! also @KTM2014 thankss and will do bro!!
Nice slide show,cute baby,cool looking tat and welcome to Vingle
we need more metal in the music communtiy, I've been out of the loop for too long so I have no idea whats going on in that genre any more, and your baby is ADORABLE
Hello. Congrats on your baby boy, he's a cutie. Love to see someone who's comfortable w/ who they are. My name's Aurora, & it took me a while to be comfortable w/ it, especially since so many people tend to mangle it.
Nice to meet you. Congrats on becoming a father!
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