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heyy im Yancy! YESS THAT IS MY REAL NAME! im 22 and just had a baby boy! i do tattoos and piercings and have been both skating and Longboarding since i was 8!!! i love metal/harcore music I can sing/scream! i drink alot and just like having a good time! also im a avid anime lover and i love too cook!!!!!!! if yall have any questions hmu! :)
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Love the slide show man! Welcome to Vingle Yancy. Check out some of my vids for some metal, and everything invetween. especially shredding
@Yancy4277 yeah I love anime but I want to get tats that mean something that's why I don't have any yet. I can't figure out what to get that would really mean something
well the anime ones do mean something to me but i know what you mean @RichardSchafer @streak9381 @Ghostoftheswift @caricakes thank you so much he really is the reason i get up every day so im beyond happy!! also @KTM2014 thankss and will do bro!!
ooh and @caricakes if you wanna hear some new metal/hardcore stuff look up myka, relocate! they are amazing!
Nice slide show,cute baby,cool looking tat and welcome to Vingle